Privacy and Cookie Policy

We use cookies to analyze anonymised data on the use of our website in order to improve our services.

  • Privacy policy

    Bailin Co. makes use of Google-Analytics-cookies to analyze the traffic on her website(s). In order to make the use of this Google-service privacy friendly, we made some necessary changes in its settings such as anonymizing IP-addresses before they are stored and processed. We therefore cannot trace the data back to individual visitors. Read more about the adjustments made and cookies in the section below.

    Only personal data that visitors voluntarily made available to us, such as through the contact form, will be gathered. This information will be used for the intended purpose(s).

  • Cookie policy

    Cookies are small text files that consists of data. When you visit a website, the website stores the cookie(s) on your device by the web browser you browse the site with. The location of these cookies depends on the browser and the system used. Generally, cookies can be cleared with a function similar to "Clear Private Data" or via the privacy settings of your web browser.

    The purpose of cookies is to allow the website to distinguish visitors and remember their actions/preferences over a period of time. Think for instance of login status, display preferences, and the items you have put in your shopping cart so you don't have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.

    There are different types of cookies for different purposes. Bailin Co. uses only analytical cookies.

  • Analytical Cookies

    Google Analytics

    The data is gathered and processed with the help of Google Analytics and for this purpose we have signed a Data Processing Agreement with Google. We have made the necessary changes to its settings to make this service privacy friendly. An important step in this, is the anonymization of IP-addresses by masking the last octet before they are stored at Google for processing; the data can therefore not be traced back to you. We have also turned off data-sharing with Google and our website does not make use of other Google-services in combination with Google Analytics. The use of these privacy-friendly analytical cookies requires no permission.

    Google Analytics allows us to analyze the traffic on our website(s) that is important in improving our service(s).
    These statistics provide us insight in for example:

    • the number of visitors on our website;
    • when our website is visited;
    • what pages are visited and for how long;
    • the technical characteristics such as what web browser is used, language preference, screen resolution and type of device;

    More information about Google Analytics and her cookies:

    More information about the privacy policy of Google Analytics: